Assessment & Evaluation

The aim of every good system of evaluation is to gauge the system in terms of its goal achievements as objectively and comprehensively as possible, exploring its strength and suggesting remedies for making up its weaknesses. Resultantly, assessment and evaluation checks stagnation and spurs the evolutionary process of improvement. It also plays a major role in the academic performance of the students.
Indus Group has adopted a learner – centered teaching methodology to improve the comprehension and objectivity, instead of teacher – centered methodology (a source of rote learning). The class tests, term tests, attendance, tutorials, assignments, seminars and lab work etc. are graded for send-up of final examinations. These tests not only provide comprehensive training to the students for their final Board/University examinations but also ensure continuous and regular interest of the students in their studies through out the academic year. The parents of weaker students are informed about their wards’ weak areas and extra couching is given to these weak students without any additional charges.

Assesment & Evaluation