Message from Chief Executive

CEOWe jubilantly share with you, the development of a dream come true. We started this project with a clear appreciation of our role to create and sustain quality in imparting of academic and professional excellence. We fully appreciate that this excellence can come about only through attaching due importance of faculty, facilities, technology and curriculum. We are making these investments because we realize that as responsible citizens, we must fulfill the expectations of our society that looks upon us, to provide it with professionals and future leaders.

It is our firm belief that the youth form the backbone of a nation. They are the building blocks that shape the nation. And undoubtedly the most important ingredient for the intellectual grooming of the youth is Education. It is a very important instrument, and while it offers no instant remedies, it works slowly and diligently towards awakening a nation’s creative potential. Education does not mean reading books and passing the examination, it has a bigger purpose of grooming the youth and providing them opportunities to realize their full potential by honing their basic skills, equipping them with relevant knowledge and instilling in them, a firm sense of social justice, professional integrity, unfaltering discipline, responsible leadership and commitment to the country. Amongst all the attributes, discipline remains the most important ingredient of the personality. Disciplined individual would lead to a disciplined nation.

Education is not easy to provide. A large number of inputs are required to ensure that the right content is imparted in the right manner at the right time to a well-prepared mind. This is a task that requires the total commitment and dedication of a large number of diligent, competent and willing people – what I call a team. My approach to deliverance is teamwork; as I have steadfastly demonstrated, over my not too immodest a career, in the realm of education, efforts made towards team building bring forth the best in all concerned. A successful venture requires the efforts of its team that is determined, motivated and works selflessly in accordance with the vision set by its leadership.

Indus Group of Colleges has been launched for the future of Pakistan. Come and join us in bringing about a positive change in the lives of our youth.

May Allah guide and bless you all.

Syed Ali Imran
Chief Executive