Kahuta Campus


Kahuta, Eastern tahsil of Rawalpindi situated in the Himalayan foothills, approximately 30 km southeast of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. The whole of the tahsil except the south-west corner lies in the hills. Kahuta is a beautiful place, of many mountain ranges, breathtaking views, snow capped mountains, forests, gushing rivers and a cool climate hot in the summer with more rainfall just giving it that coolness, cold winter, different spices of wildlife, different tribes of people living off the land. Both nationally and internationally, Kahuta is famous for home to the KRL, one of the largest government national research facility and laboratories, keeping live stock.

In spite of the fact that there are good number of institutions, which are contributing lot for the promotion of education in the area but still there are some important educational social and economic goals which are to be achieved. Education has been proved as main source to meet overall development of society as well as any locality. To realize this fact, Indus Group of Colleges has launched its campus in the centre of Kahuta city, which is now the hub of educational activities and this campus will contribute in providing quality education at affordable cost to thickly populated area. In term of its perfect location, it can be easily approach from city of Kahuta as well as all surrounding areas, like Jewra, Mowara, Narh and Kallar Syedan etc.